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Meteorologists Warn of Potential Snow This Weekend

We could be getting some flurries within the next few days.

Meteorologist Doug Lundquist with Environment Canada says a combination of an arctic air mass moving down from the Interior of BC, and rain could lead to snowfall.

“If that combines with at the right time with precipitation that’s happening at the right time of day, we may start to see some snow, perhaps even as early as Thursday night. If it’s cold enough overnight, we might see snow mixed with rain.”

However, he says certain areas on the Coast could be affected more than others.

“Because they don’t have Georgia Strait to warm things up, it is slightly more likely in the Powell River area.”

He adds that, “up to the North end of [Vancouver Island] like in Port Hardy, the question is whether the precipitation stops before the cold air gets there, so I think it’s a bit less likely in the Port Hardy area.”

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