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New regulations for hunters come into effect next week

VICTORIA, B.C.-The province is making some changes to the Wildlife Act that will affect hunters.

The changes are meant to help enforce the end of the grizzly bear hunt, make sure hunters take more meat from big game, and to make sure they have all their species licences on them during a trip.

For the grizzly hunt taxidermists and tanners are going to be required to report anyone that brings grizzly bears or grizzly bear parts to them or be fined $230.

As for the meat collection changes you’ll now have to take the edible portions from the neck and ribs, on top of the four quarters and loins. That requirement will also apply to cougars, in addition to mule deer, white-tailed deer, fallow deer, moose, elk, mountain sheep, mountain goat, caribou, bison and black bear.

The new regulations come into effect next Sunday, April 1st.

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