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ICBC issues road safety warnings for long weekend

VICTORIA, B.C. – The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia wants drivers to get home safe and sound this long weekend.

According to ICBC, every Thanksgiving weekend, four people die on B.C. roadways. On Vancouver Island, nearly 80 people are injured in about 280 crashes.

ICBC’s Colleen Woodger said people need to abide by the “two-second rule” when it comes to following distance between you and another vehicle.

“If you get to a point on the road, you count one-one thousand, two-one thousand and that’s the distance between you and the car in front,” she said.

“As the rain starts or we get snow, you’re going to want to go three to four times that distance. Your car and your brakes will work, but if the road is slick, you’re gonna keep on traveling.”

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She said adjusting your speed is also important when it comes to your stopping distance. Winter tires are no a requirement for certain B.C. highways.

Drivers caught without winter tires on those particular highways, which can be viewed via this link, could face a fine of $109.

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