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Inflation Rate is up; Canada not being pushed around by China

Inflation up in December

It wasn’t just Christmas that made your bank balance shudder.  Stats Can says the rate of inflation went up by 2-percent in December.  Even though the price of gas dropped, the cost of everything from fresh veggies, to air travel to booze skyrocketed.  If the cost of gas was stripped out of the equation the inflation rate would sit at 2.5- percent.

Public Safety Minister fires back at China threat

It appears Canada is not going to be pushed around by China.  Yesterday the Chinese envoy said there would be repercussions if Huawei Technologies was banned from supplying equipment for Canada’s 5G networks because of security concerns.  Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says the government will do what is best for Canadians.

Canadian detained in Kenya

A Canadian is one of six people being held for a suspected terrorist attack in Kenya.  They are accused of helping gunmen carry out a shooting at a hotel complex earlier this week.  All six, including the Canadian will be held for 30 days while the attack is investigated.  Global Affairs Canada says they are in touch with the Kenyan government.

Stay-at-home Moms get a raise (if they got paid)

If mom’s got paid, they’d be making a pretty decent salary.  According to salary dot com stay-at-home moms should be making about 1-hundred and 62 thousand dollars American a year.  That’s up over five grand from last year.  The six figures income is based on a 96-hour work week and on the various roles parents play.


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