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Spending oversight an issue in BC’s Legislature: Auditor General; Ottawa sides with opposition for leadership in Venezuela

BC Auditor General calls for better oversight on Legislature spending

A spending scandal may lead to tightening on financial policies in BC.
The province’s auditor general says the criminal investigation into spending habits of two legislature officials is proof there needs to be more oversight. Speaking with The Globe and Mail, Carol Bellringer says lack of spending management has been an issue for over a decade, but MLAs have not been paying attention until now.

Canada officially recognizes opposition in Venezuela as country’s true leader

Canada is joining the US and other countries in recognizing a new leader for Venezuela.
Juan Guaido recently named himself interim president to put an end to what is referred to as the dictatorship of socialist leader Nicolas Maduro. Donald Trump has declared he will use the full weight of the US to pressure Maduro out of office, a move panned by Russia and China.

Feed babies allergy-risky foods early to build up immunity: Health officials

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How can you prevent your baby from developing a food allergy?
According to new guidelines from the Canadian Paediatric Society, feed them allergen-risk foods before they’re six months old. Health officials believe this new method will help prevent allergies from developing, especially in high-risk babies. But, they say you should never start feeding a baby before four months of age.

Trump agrees to delay State of the Union address

Donald Trump is giving into a demand from his democratic opposition.
The President has agreed to postpone his State of the Union address until the government shutdown is over. The decision came after the Democrats banned Trump from using the House Chamber as a venue. The shutdown has reached a historic length as both sides fight over Trump’s demands for a Mexico border wall.

Doomsday Clock time to be changed today

Humanity will find out how close we are to total destruction today.
The time on the famed Doomsday Clock will be changed once again. Last year, scientists set it at two minutes to midnight, citing tensions between the US and North Korea. The only other time the clock was that close to midnight was in 1953 during the hydrogen bomb tests.

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