TEXADA ISLAND, BC- Some ferry trips out of Blubber Bay terminal will be canceled over the next two months.

The wingwall replacement project is expected to start today and go until July 31st.

The work will be going on around the regular sailing schedule, but there will be some cancellations.

They will be expected in the May 11-25 and June 13-26 periods.

Confirmation of the cancellation dates will be sent out five days in advance.

There will also be some additional sailings added for the duration of the project.

Monday-Friday there will be an additional sailing leaving Blubber Bay at 1:00pm and return from Westview at 2:00pm.

Saturday and Sunday the additional sailing will depart Blubber Bay at 1:00pm and return from Westview at 2:30pm.

There will be drilling with a barge and crane on site, but the noise levels are not expected to be excessive.

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