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Canadian economy sees weakest quarterly growth since 2015; China warns Canada to be wary of consequences if helping U.S. in Huawei dispute

Decline in farm and fishery exports to blame for 0.4% economic growth

Canada’s economy had its weakest back-to-back growth in four years. The Canadian Press cited a report from that Statistics Canada that says the economy expanded less than half a percent over the most recent quarter. The biggest declines in exports were in farm and fishing products along with crude-oil shipments. On a positive note though, household spending was up to the highest in two years.

Tensions between Canada and China  over Huawei executive arrest escalating

China warned Canada to be aware of the consequences if they help the U.S. in the case against a Huawei executive. The situation is believed to have caused the arrest of two Canadians in China who are accused of stealing state secrets. Both men have been denied contact with lawyers and family members.

Liberals to stop migrant work abuse and exploitation

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Canada is adding new measures to protect migrant workers from abuse. CTV reported that starting next week, temporary foreign workers will be able to apply for open work permits if they think they’re being abused on the job. The changes are to address labour exploitation, human-rights abuse and unlivable housing conditions.

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