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At least four dead after shooting in Australia; B.C. drivers heavily interested in switching to electric vehicles

Death toll rising in an Australian capital city after gunman opens fire

A shooting spree in Australia has left at least four people dead. Police have the shooter in custody. Officers said the 45-year-old opened fire in the City of Darwin’s main business district. Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison told reporters the shooting isn’t an act of terrorism. Witnesses told Australia’s public broadcaster the shooter fired more than 12 rounds inside a motel.

Majority of B.C. drivers want to drive greener vehicles 

Over half of B.C. drivers are interested in their next vehicle being electric. CTV News cited a Research Co. survey that said the number is higher around Vancouver and on the island. The further north, the lower the number gets with fewer than 45 percent saying they will go electric because almost half of them said they lack places to charge the vehicles.

P.M. said special interest groups are trying to reverse women’s rights progress

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said social media is making it easier to attack gender equality. He spoke at the Women Deliver 2019 event in Vancouver. He added hatred is coming back into public debate and people are trying to “roll back” women’s rights. He also said Indigenous women and girls have experienced amounts of genocide even though earlier in the day he declined to call it that.

U.S. Congress approved $20 billion in disaster relief

It has been over a year since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and while the people are still struggling, relief could be coming. The U.S. Congress passed a bill approving almost $20 billion for emergency disaster relief for the U.S. which includes the Caribbean country. U.S. President Donald Trump intends to sign off on the bill.

Trump to meet with Teresa May

U.S. President Donald Trump is still in the U.K. as he switches from high tea to politics. Trump will meet with British Prime Minister Teresa May over a potential trade deal with the U.K. once the nation officially leaves the European Union. Brexit is scheduled to be complete on October 31 unless both sides can come to an agreement. Teresa May is expected to step down from her position shortly after Trump’s visit.

Tariff on Mexican imports could drive more migrants to U.S.

Mexico said the U.S. is being illogical by threatening tariffs if the country doesn’t stop migrants from cross the border. The Associated Press reported that Mexican officials urged that a five percent tariff on Mexican imports would actually cause a quarter million Central Americans to migrate north. They added it would hurt both economies as well.

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