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Province’s record Daylight Saving Time survey closes

The province’s Daylight Saving Time survey has come to an end.

It saw a record 223,273 people across British Columbia share their thoughts on whether or not the province should continue switching the clocks twice a year, or just stay on Daylight Saving Time permanently. The survey started on June 24th and closed this past Friday.

Of the respondents, 62,386 came from Vancouver Island and South Coast/Sunshine Coast. Breaking the responses down into age groups, the most came from people in the 40 to 64-years-old crowd, which made up 48.8 per cent.

In addition to the survey responses, the province says 13 formal submissions from individuals, organizations and industry experts came in. They offered “additional insights on how each option would impact their lives and professions.”

The province says people can expect a summary report to be released in the coming weeks. It added results will be considered along with decisions on time observance made by neighbouring states to help determine the best course of action for B.C. You can learn more about Daylight Saving Time by clicking here.

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