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Removal of MSP premiums a highlight of 2019 for Claire Trevena

As we enter a new decade, Claire Trevena is reflecting on an eventful 2019.

Changes made over the past year will continue into the new year, as the North Island MLA was quick to mention the Medical Services Plan bill.

“We’re going to see the effect roll into 2020 when people no longer have to pay MSP premiums,” Trevena says. “This is putting us in line with the rest of the country as we’re not having this extra burden on families.”

The first step towards the elimination of MSP premiums began with a 50% cut as part of the Budget 2017 update.

Budget 2018 and Budget 2019 provided the road map to one of the largest tax cuts for middle-class British Columbians in B.C.’s history, and as of Jan. 1st, 2020, MSP premiums were fully eliminated.

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When further reflecting on 2019, Trevena mentioned that a substantial amount of money was invested in childcare.

“The North Island has had, through our government, more than $9 million dollars spent on childcare. We’re extraordinarily proud of that.”

Another focus of 2019 for Trevena was housing and development, with over 22,000 new affordable homes across the province.

Closer to home, Trevena says changes made to B.C. ferry routes are in everyone’s benefit.

“We returned routes that were cut by the B.C. Liberals and we made sure that those came back on stream. We’ve kept fairs lower while maintaining the free seniors’ fairs Monday to Thursday.”

Trevena added that while looking forward to the new decade, she is proud of the work done in 2019 to make life better and more affordable.

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