The qathet Regional District’s Wood Stove Exchange Program has been approved for 2020.

Last year the district joined the Wood Stove Exchange Program for the first time, and it will be joining it once again this year.

The program, funded through the BC Lung Association and qRD, offers rebates to eligible residents to remove a non-EPA certified wood-burning appliance used for home heating and replace it with a cleaner heating option.

That initiative aims to reduce the particulate matter in the atmosphere and improve air quality.

The district says in 2019, 34 old, smoky wood stoves were replaced and$14,500 was paid out in rebates.

The program is open to all residents and is offering $16,500 in available rebates. The 2020 program begins on March 1st.

For more information on the Wood Stove Exchange Program, click here.