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B.C.’s minimum wage set to increase 75 cents next month

Minimum wage workers will be seeing more money on their paycheques starting June 1st.

Labour Minister Harry Bains confirmed that the minimum wage increase in B.C. will move ahead as planned despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

It will go up 75 cents to $14.60 per hour from $13.85 per hour.

“The lowest paid workers in B.C. need help as well,” Bains said. “They need money in their pockets so that they will go out and invest in the local businesses that are suffering right now. It will help the local businesses in their own communities.”

Bains said the province’s recently launched economic restart plan hopes to restore business confidence for employees, employers and customers.

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With restaurants, hair salons and other personal services reopening their doors across B.C., Bains added that these businesses can expect random inspections to ensure they are following the guidelines set forth by WorkSafeBC.

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