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Powell River Board of Education unveils plan for back to school

The Powell River School District is sharing its 2020-2021 restart plan.

It’s part of Stage 2 of the five-stage framework for K-12 education.

The district says all elementary students will receive full-time in-person instruction. Students will be arranged in learning groups of 60 students and staff combined, but class sizes remain the same as in previous years. 

There will be staggered entry, breaks, lunch, and dismissal to ensure minimal contact.

The district adds that some teachers will provide visual cues for maintaining physical distance outside of cohorts, including directing traffic flow in hallways, assigning entrance and exit doors for specific learning groups, and hand hygiene. 

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Playground and outside areas will be marked off to allow for more than one learning group at a time to be outside, yet still remain separate. 

SD47 says students can socialize with friends in different learning groups if they are outdoors and can minimize physical contact, as noted in the provincial guidelines. 

Masks are not recommended for elementary students, although students can choose to wear a mask if they wish. 

Access to schools will be limited to staff and students to minimize the number of people in the school buildings. If you wish to visit the school in person, you’re asked to contact your local school’s office to make an appointment.

Changes are on the way for middle school and high school students as well. 

For grades 8 & 9:

  • Students will be placed in linear(full year) face-to-face classes and take a total of 8 courses in the school year.
  • Classes will consist of 30 or fewer students. Cohorts will consist of 120 students and staff combined or fewer.
  • A team of teachers will be attached to specific cohorts for a cross-curricular approach to the learning standards set out in the curriculum.
  • Teachers will be co-planning and coteaching throughout the school year.

For grades 10-12:

  • Students will have 2 face-to-face courses each term (for a total of 8 courses in the school year). Courses will change every 10 weeks. Most students will take both of their courses with the same peers, reducing the number of different interactions with others in the building. 
  • Students will be placed in cohorts based on their original course requests.
  • Students will also be given the opportunity to take some online courses with BrooksOnline (in-person or remotely)to accommodate course requests that have low enrollment orto satisfy graduation requirements and personal requests. 

For more information on the SD47’s back to school restart plan, click here

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