After a sailboat hit Rebecca Rock near Powell River, a boat from the TV show ‘Deadliest Catch’ offered to help the stranded sailors.

Just before 10:00 am on Sunday (June 6th), the Victoria Coast Guard relayed a mayday call from a sailing vessel that had run aground on Rebecca Rock, five nautical miles west of Powell River.

Lieutenant Commander Tony Wright tells Vista Radio the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) station in Powell River was tasked immediately. He says several vessels responded to the broadcast.

CCG Cape Caution and FRC Westview 1 were on scene about 14 minutes after being tasked. Luckily, Wright says the two people on board weren’t hurt and were taken on to the Westview 1 and then the Cape Caution. The sailboat was then towed off the rock by Westview 1 and towed to Lund.

But Wright notes one of the vessels that offered to help with the rescue was the Cornelia Marie – a US fishing vessel widely known from the Discovery Channel TV show, ‘Deadliest Catch’. However, because Cornelia Marie crews said they had an ETA of 30 minutes, Wright says their help wasn’t needed.

It may come as no surprise for Cornelia Marie fans to see the ship sailing the Strait of Georgia. On May 29th, a post to the Deadliest Catch – F/V Cornelia Marie Facebook page stated crews were leaving Seattle and heading north. Later in the day on Sunday, the vessel was spotted sailing past the Discovery Pier in Campbell River. And as of this morning (Tuesday), crews are continuing their trek north, sailing past Annette Island near Prince Rupert.