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Powell River mayor looks forward to new year after 2021 achievements

The Mayor of Powell River says despite the pandemic, the city had some successes in 2021.

In his year-end letter, Mayor David Formosa said the city began construction of the Consolidated Wastewater Treatment Plant, Land Management plan, Parks and Trails Master Plan among others.

As he looks to 2022, he hopes to address the low-income housing crisis, find homelessness solutions, and address poverty in the city.

The Mayor’s letter is below, addressing what he is calling a very resilient community:

December 30, 2021

New Year’s Message from the Mayor

As I reflect on this past year, I am grateful our community remains strong and resilient going into 2022 despite the challenges we faced in 2021.

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I think many of us are feeling vulnerable, uncertain, and overwhelmed by the pandemic. However, local vaccination rates are among the highest in the province, we continue to be kind to one another, and many are working to keep our community safe. I’m heartened that we are doing our part to put the pandemic behind us. Be it COVID-19 or any other challenge, Powell River has always faced it together.

The City can boast many achievements in 2021. The construction of the Consolidated Wastewater Treatment Plant remains on schedule and on budget. Five plans were approved as blueprints for Powell River’s exciting future – the Land Management Strategy; Airport Master Plan; Parks and Trails Master Plan; Recreation Complex Rehabilitation Plan, and the Bicycle Network Strategy.

The City also launched an automated solid waste collection service and implemented innovative
initiatives in sustainability, such as energy upgrades at the recreation complex and the Zunga Bus pilot program. More residential development and affordable housing was built and there’s more planned. However, solutions for homelessness, the low-income housing crisis and poverty remain some of the pressing challenges we carry into 2022.

Although Paper Excellence has indicated that the Catalyst Paper Tis’kwat mill is now in indefinite
curtailment, I am optimistic solutions will be found to maintain business activity at the mill site.
Our hearts go out to the employees and their families who are facing adversity and hardship, and the City is doing everything we possibly can to assist displaced workers and promote
opportunities at the site.

Almost 20 years ago, Powell River and Tla’amin Nation were the first municipality and First Nation in Canada to create a formal relationship through the Community Accord and subsequent Protocol Agreement on Culture, Heritage and Economic Development. We have always found a way to maintain constructive dialogue and I know we will continue to be leaders and to show the rest of the province and Canada what true reconciliation looks like.

In closing, this year-end message allows me the privilege of thanking all the doctors, nurses, front-line workers, non-profit organizations, volunteers, local businesses, educators, City staff, and all others who keep Powell River safe and thriving. Thanks to all who live, work, and play in this one-of-a-kind paradise we call home.

David Formosa

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