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ICBC asks drivers to slow down as road conditions worsen

As more snow pummels Vancouver Island, ICBC is warning drivers to not drive too fast for the conditions.

The company states that in January compared to September, there’s a 65% increase in crashes when drivers don’t adjust their driving to match the conditions.

In bad weather, you’re asked to ‘slow down, increase your following distance and allow extra travel time. Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle at all times to help you and your passengers stay safe.’ The message is echoed by the RCMP.

ICBC states ‘the key to winter driving is to be slow and steady’ and to ‘avoid unexpected sudden movements that could cause you to skid.’ If there’s snow on your vehicle, brush it off. If there’s ice on your windshield— chances are it’s on the road as well.

It’s recommended to check before heading out for any road closures or conditions.

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