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qathet Regional District director censured for comments, behaviour

The qathet Regional District has voted in favour of censuring Area B Director Mark Gisborne.

The move came after Chair Patrick Brabazon submitted a report outlining what he described as Gisborne’s unacceptable behaviour in meetings, specifically from comments at a Nov. 9 meeting.

The report says Gisborne made comments during a proposed Douglas Bay Road bylaw debate. 

The proposed bylaws were from petitions from residents in the neighbourhood and under the proposed bylaws, cannabis production and sales, commercial use and industrial use within the neighbourhood would be prohibited.

Director Gisborne said the principles were an attempt to “regulate racial and economic diversity and to prevent racial and ethnic minorities . . . moving into the neighbourhood.” They say he referenced a Wikipedia article to validate his statements.

Further comments about the payment of the bylaws were also seen as offensive to the community.

The report also says that it is not the first time Gisborne has made comments that offended community members.

Delegate Tom Read said the report reminded him of being accused by the Chair in years past.

“The Chair’s recommendation of censure and sanction reminds me of his attempt to silence me back in 2016,” said Read. “At this point, it’s water under the bridge and we should move on.”

In a Facebook post prior to the meeting, Gisborne claimed that in their meetings, discussion is often shut down, and silenced. 

He says the procedure bylaw and Roberts rules are either ignored or weaponized to keep members of the assembly silent and intimidated.

Despite the delegate’s arguments, the board decided to proceed with the censuring of Director Gisborne. Gisborne was not able to debate the Chair’s report.

The decision will move to a meeting on Jan. 27.

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