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BC Ferries traffic numbers hit a new record

Traffic levels continue to soar on BC Ferries, who’ve just hit a record high for the third consecutive quarter. Through the last quarter of 2022, 4.5 million customers and 2 million vehicles travelled on the ferry system.

BC Ferries says that this time of year generally sees a reduction in traffic compared to other times of year.

“This time is used by BC Ferries to perform upgrades and major maintenance and refits, as well as mandatory inspections on the majority of vessels,” reads their media release.

Despite the increases in traffic, overall net earnings for their fiscal year are down almost $20 million dollars. Interim president and CEO Jill Sharland says expenses for the company have risen, nearly $40 million through this fiscal year already.

It’s mainly due to a rise in labour costs and fuel prices, along with the addition of more sailings on their routes.

Sharland says, “While expenditures are up, it’s important we continue to support our employees, who are the heart of our organization. We’re proud of their exceptional efforts to move record amounts of traffic and keep sailing cancellations to a minimum.”

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