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Did you know that the qRD Manages Beach Accesses?

You may have noticed wooden signs throughout the region with the engraved words “Beach Access,” inviting you to explore trails leading to the shore. You may have wondered how these trails came to be, why they are located exactly where they are, and just who put them there?

Beach access trails provide access to the waterfront and amazing beaches throughout the qathet Regional District (qRD). All of the qRD beach access trails are located on sites within provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) right-of-way land. In response to public interest, the qRD began developing and maintaining beach access trails on MoTI right-of-way land in 2013. The qRD has since set aside funding, brushed out paths, and installed upgrades to many of the beach access trails within the region.

As part of the Regional Parks Service, the qRD currently maintains 22 beach access trails north and south of town, including trails on Savary and Texada Islands. Beach access trails are important for both residents and visitors of our region; they provide access to unique coastal landscapes, a variety of marine life, and recreational activities that might otherwise be limited to the public.

Next time you see one of our “Beach Access” signs, go explore, follow the trail and find the sea!

You can find a map showing the locations of all our beach access trails at

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Canoe Bay—A Popular Seaside Destination!

Located in Electoral Area C, along Scotch Fir Point Road, Canoe Bay is a popular seaside destination accessed by one of the Beach Access Trails managed by the qRD. qRD Operations and Maintenance staff have improved the access to Canoe Bay by adding parking to the site and constructing a gently sloping trail leading to the beach. The Bay is renowned for its smooth-pebbled beach, vibrant marine life, and water recreation, and the access trail is well used by Stillwater residents, and visitors.



















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