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Coombs man puts out petition to bring wolf dog to justice

 A Coombs man says he has started circulating a petition to put a life-long ban in place making it illegal for breeders to breed a wolf dog and abandonment.  

Greg Salmon started the petition after his dog, Ocean, was attacked by WD-40 [wolf-dog} while walking on the trails by Coombs Country Campground last month. 

Salmon says the petition will make sure owners are held accountable for their pet [dog] actions with charges to match the crime. 

“Owners will get a fine if the animal is let go and doesn’t hurt anyone,” he says. “If the animal does harm, and the injury is severe, the owner could face criminal charges.” 

Salmon illustrated, in an interview, the fact of how dangerous this breed can be, and what they are capable of by saying it has already attacked several animals and is now stalking people on horses. He says there is no telling what is next, especially with the food supply dwindling.  

“There is a price tag out on this animal since it has created an $80,000 vet bill,” he says. “For example, we lost our puppy, who was very rare, and I am struggling each day.” 

The price tag, according to Salmon, reflects the amount of damage it has done since WD-40 was dropped off and started causing havoc in the area. 

“It stalks you and then it gets you,” he says. “It is a bloodthirsty killer.” 

Last month, BC Animal Control confirmed a total of four attacks took place over the past 3 months but since then the BC SPCA has said they will not get involved with the capture since it has no legal authority in the Regional District of Nanaimo. 

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