ICBC is campaigning against distracted driving.

New numbers from the insurance corporation show that close to 80 people still don’t make it home due to a distracted driving-related accident.

That’s compared to an average of 66 people who are killed each year across the province because of impaired driving. ICBC’s Mark Milner says there are a few things you can do to avoid using your phone when behind the wheel.

“If you have a passenger with you, you can have them be your designated texter. They can take calls, or text and reply on your behalf. If you don’t have a passenger with you, one option is that you can let it go to voicemail or just wait until you get to where you’re going to respond to text messages.”

Milner says for those with a full license, Bluetooth is an option and you are legally allowed to use your device hands-free. However, he notes that, “if you are an L or N driver, you cannot use your phone hands-free while you’re driving. The penalties for people in the graduated licensing program are a little bit stiffer than they are for the rest of drivers.”

“It’s the same $368 fine and it’s the same 4 points, but one ticket will have the Superintendent of motor vehicles reviewing your driving history and quite possibly suspending your license.”

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