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Being Prepared for an Emergency

On the heels of last week’s Great BC ShakeOut, emergency coordinators are reminding residents about the importance of being prepared.

Howie Siemens says there are many hazards residents should be ready for living in British Columbia.

“Earthquakes are just one of the hazards that we need to address and be better prepared for. We have house fires, floods and severe weather events as well. I think the message is that it’s always a good time to start being prepared for all the different emergencies and events that we will have.”

Siemens says if you’re prepared, you will be able to assist your neighbours and other community members when an emergency hits. He stresses the importance of having a grab-and-go bag packed in case you ever need to evacuate your home on short notice.

“Even a house fire or having to leave your home for a burst water pipe. You may have to go in a hurry and if you have one of these packs ready to go and grab it as you go out the door, you’re gonna be better prepared, with an extra set of keys and [supplies] to stay in a hotel for a few days when you’re recovering from that event.”

He says that if you’re prepared, you’ll also be able to help out your neighbours if a disaster strikes.

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