12 year old Anakin Fretts, seriously injured in an accident on Texada Island in September,
touched the hearts of many including, recently, the owners of 2 restaurants, 2 farms and the local branch of Martial Arts.

The Marine Inn restaurant is having an all day breakfast from 6:30am to 2:30pm tomorrow with all proceeds going to the Anakin Fretts family. Hatch a Bird Farm and One Tree Farm both offered 20 dozen eggs a piece to the Marine Inn Restaurant. The Complex Concessions offered a 5 lb brick of old chedder cheese.

Anakin and his family has been staying at the Ronald Macdonald house in Vancouver since Anakin was airlifted to the BC Children s hospital. Anakin moved to Sunny Hills Rehabilitation in early December.

Allan and Aubrey Sharp, also both injured in the same accident, spent a few days visiting Anakin this week. Anakin is still on a feeding tube but that may soon be a thing of the past.

The Sharps are happy to report that he can walk up stairs with help, enjoys swimming therapy, paints and is learning sign language.

Anakin, a 6th grader at Ecole du Soleil, the French School, understands both English and French just fine.

Aubrey told coastfm news how Anakin does on a video game, Cut the Rope, that he played before the accident….
Anakin worked for 7 years to earn his jr black belt in Karate and will be watching the Tournament that’s taking place on Texada Island thanks to Roger Whittaker and http://www.tvpowellriver.com/. You can also live stream it all day from that site too.

For more information on the Martial Arts tournament, please call 485- 8255