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South Harbour revamp moving forward

POWELL RIVER, B.C.- Clean up is underway at the site of the old barge terminal.

The City’s Director of Infrastructure Tor Birtig said the structure is “essentially on the ground now” and that crews will have the area cleaned up by the end of this week.

“Once that site is cleaned up, we will move the two washroom buildings on to the same site, closer to the sea-walk,” he said.

“The old office building that was the wharfinger’s office is going to be relocated to Timberlane Park to act as concession there.”

Birtig said that following that, the Coast Guard is expected to begin construction of their new facility at the site next month.

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The Canadian Coast Guard offices are currently located at Willingdon Avenue and Courtenay Street.

He noted the relocating of the buildings should begin some time this week or next.

“Beyond the Coast Guard going there, we are working on a visioning for the site, to consider what the future development of that site will look like,” he said.

“There was a number of surveys out there to find out what the general public would like to see down there, so staff and members of council are working on some of the next steps for that site at this point.”

The demolition of the barge facility, and reshuffling of buildings is a part of a boost to the waterfront near the South Harbour.

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