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Daylight savings…. helpful or hindrance?

Daylight savings….. what is it and why do we have it anyway?
The idea is that people will be happier and more active thanks to more after-work daylight hours to spend outdoors.
It’s also believed to conserve energy because the sun is out later and homes are naturally warmer and well-lit until closer to the average person s bedtime.
Obviously, darker, potentially colder mornings would increase the need for light and heat before work, but the belief is that lower energy usage at night outweighs increased usage in the morning. Thus, energy and money is saved.

Well, the thing about that is…….. who the heck knows? No one can seem to agree whether DST saves or costs both energy and money, or whether it is simply obsolete.

Coastfm News caught up with Jenny Garden, SeaFair organizer and mom…..
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