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Province plans marijuana possession limits

VICTORIA, B.C.- With cannabis set to be made legal later this year, the province of British Columbia is working to set rules and regulations for retailers and shoppers.

One of the latest developments is the possession limit for those wishing to purchase non-medical marijuana. The province has stated that adults who are 19 years or older will be allowed to have up to 30 grams of weed on them in a public place.

Like alcohol, anyone under 19 years of age will not be allowed to possess non-medical marijuana.

Marijuana that’s being carried in a vehicle will have to be in a sealed package, or unreachable to anyone in said vehicle.

The province will also create a new 90-day driving suspension for drug-affected driving. Current restrictions for drivers in the Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) will be expanded.

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As of now, those in the GLP cannot not have any traces of alcohol in their system when driving. This will be expanded for THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana.

The government plans to introduce legislation in the spring to affect their policy decisions. A public education campaign will also be launched, to ensure proper public awareness of the rules before they come into effect.

For more on British Columbia’s approach to marijuana legalization, visit the government’s website.

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