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Bow-wielding intoxicated Port Hardy school intruder known to police

PORT HARDY, B.C. – Mounties in Port Hardy have released more details on an intruder incident at an elementary school on the North Island.

On May 23rd, a 48-year-old man walked into Eagle View Elementary School at around 1:30 p.m. without identifying himself to school staff.

The man stood in the doorway of a kindergarten classroom. RCMP Sergeant Wes Olsen has revealed that the man was holding a compound bow.

Olsen said that a teacher initially believed the man was there to pick up a student. After asking him a question, the male made some form of comment and presented the bow and pulled the string back.

There was no arrow present, and the man pointed the bow at the wall.

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Olsen said the man then exited the school and left through the same door he entered through and walked into the trail system beside the school.

He noted that the man was found walking along Carnarvon Road at around 1:50 p.m.

The male was “very intoxicated” during the incident. No children were harmed during the incident, and parents were informed about what had happened.

The letter from the school did not include information about the man holding a bow during the incident.

“He (the male) is known to police through other interactions but had not been involved in a situation like this, locally anyways,” Olsen said.

“I think it’s important for the public to know that this was an act that was concerning, but no children were harmed or directly threatened. We’re going to hold this person accountable for his actions.”

He said the man is now restricted from attending the school, or walking anywhere within 100 metres of the school property. Other conditions of his release include abstaining from alcohol, and he can no longer possess a weapon.

“I think the school is cognizant and aware of who this individual is on-site because of the interaction they had with him that day, so I expect that we will certainly get a call if somebody sees him in that area,” Olsen said.

“Through our normal every day duties, we do keep track of this individual because he does come across our path in the community.”

Olsen said the school has been very cooperative in the investigation.

“I know the lead investigator in the matter has been in consultation with the school, and I think they have things well in hand,” Olsen said.

“They may tighten up some of their security measures as a result of this, but as far as preventing something like this from happening again in the future, you know, sometimes these things just happen and you deal with them as they come along. I don’t expect that it’s going to be a problem for them.”

Olsen said he believes had the man not been intoxicated, he may not have done what he did.

“Unfortunately, alcohol probably did not help his judgment at all in this situation.”

Olsen noted that the man has not formally been charged, although the RCMP is recommending that he be charged with Uttering Threats, Mischief and Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose.

The man’s name cannot be released, until he is formally charged.

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