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Canada to join in on Global Ghost Gear Initiative

Story by Tommy Wang,

OTTAWA, ON- Abandoned fishing gear that’s left in the ocean is harmful and the Canadian government is looking to address that issue.

Canada is on board for the Global Ghost Gear Initiative and more than 50 organizations will be a part of this initiative.

“Countless marine animals are being killed or injured as a result of the abandoned and lost fishing gear,” said Pam Goldsmith-Jones, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“The ultimate goal of this initiative is to begin addressing a couple of issues. One is to remove any abandoned gear that we can find and we also want to raise awareness for how you can make that gear doesn’t end up in the ocean in the first place.”

Ghost gear is any fishing equipment or fishing-related litter that has been abandoned, lost or discarded.

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Goldsmith-Jones says those 50 organizations who are a part of this initiative include governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, the private sector and representatives from the fishing industries.

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