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Feds to probe SNC-Lavalin; Former gymnastics Coach acquitted

Narrow-scope probe into SNC -Lavalin

The House of Commons Justice Committee will be probing the SNC-Lavalin affair.  In a narrow vote this afternoon the committee has agreed to a limited probe into whether or not the Prime Minister or his office tried to pressure the-then attorney general to abandon a criminal prosecution of corruption and fraud charges against the company.

Former national coach acquitted

The former coach of the national gymnastics team has been acquitted of sexual assault and exploitation charges.  The judge in the case found serious issues with the police investigation.  David Brubaker has always denied the allegations.

Public servant charged in shipbuilding leak

Another public servant faces charges in a leak of cabinet secrets.  RCMP charged him with breach of trust alleging he divulged government information about a $700-million naval shipbuilding contract.  Two years ago the Canadian military’s second-in-command was suspended and is also fighting a breach of trust charge in the same case.

Celebrate World Radio Day

We may be the oldest medium out there but radio is just as relevant today as it was over 1-hundred years ago.  That’s why radio stations all over the world are celebrating World Radio Day.  Over 600 radio stations across Canada reaching 18-million listeners are reminding our audience about moments on radio that change us, the moments that move us and the moments that bring us together.

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