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Lund Hall leveled, wood to be re-used

LUND, B.C. – A piece of Lund history has come down, as the seaside village said goodbye to its community hall this week.

“The community hall is now down, it’s demolished completely,” said Scott Wilshaw, general manager of the neighbouring Lund Hotel. “It’s been sent off in a container so tomorrow or Sunday we’ll probably regrade the that land and make it level.”

Wilshaw said, as the gateway into town, the hall needed to go.

“It was unsafe and unsightly, and it certainly opened up the drive as you come into town so I think that’s important,” he said.

The land in which the hall once stood will be likely be used for parking, according to Wilshaw.

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“I think this year, we’re fixing the car park issue that the town of Lund has, so I think for the foreseeable for this season, we’ll probably level that ground,” he added.

“And then Stone is going to use it for car parking. Then we’ll work on ideas that we can present to the board for potential uses down the road.”

And while the hall may be gone, its bones will live on as some of the wood will be repurposed, according to Wilshaw.

“We’ve reclaimed as much as we possibly could, and we’re building a community table in the restaurant where people can come in and have an express lunch for those who are maybe going to off to island. And we’re able to seat about 18 people and it’s all being built out of the wood (from the hall), and most of the bar upgrades have all been used with reclaimed wood from the building, so a lot of it’s been used.”

Wilshaw said the hall is just an important part of the history of the town, and that “we’re going to keep lots of it.”

“We’ve got some unique ideas of where people are going to find it (wood from the hall) located on the property, so I think that bodes well to the history of the town.”

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