POWELL RIVER, B.C. – Powell River residents felt the earth shake on Wednesday morning.

The shaking was due to blasting activities by T & R Contracting Ltd. gravel pit site, but residents didn’t know this as there were no signs or notices put up that it would be happening.

But according to owner the company owner Dan Robinson, yesterday’s work was unusual for them, which was why they didn’t put out a notice. 

“The reason for the bang yesterday is because we blasted big boulders, which were the result of previous blasts,” Robinson said.

He added that when they blast quarries, they’re usually directed at mountain faces, which absorbs the energy and impact. This then, doesn’t result in loud blasts like yesterday’s.

This means that the company doesn’t advertise their blasting activities, and Robinson said they won’t be advertising them in future either.

“Typically, we don’t advertise that we’re going to blast because we’re in a licensed mine.”