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Two cougars euthanized in Port Alice over past three weeks: Conservation

PORT ALICE, BC- A pair of cougars have had to be put down in Port Alice in recent weeks.

That’s according to BC Conservation officer Brad Adams, based out of Port McNeil, there had been reports of two cougars together near the North Island in early March.

There had been a spree of cougar activity in the community toward the end of March, and into the first week of April.

“We can’t confirm 100%, its hard to tell but we believe based on the descriptions and the age classification that we observed, that we are confident that they are the same pair,” said Adams, on Friday.

Officers have not heard of other cougars in the area. Adams says if there is a sighting, it needs to be reported to Conservation.

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“Even the report dating back to last week, we only received one call indicating that the cougar was exhibiting abnormal behaviour,” said Adams.

“But yet there were sightings dating back a week prior where it was being seen during the daytime. Without us receiving these calls from the residents makes it really hard for us to tell really what has been going on and without any accurate descriptions to age class any of the cougars in the area.”

Adams went on to say how important it is to report any sightings or encounters.

“Report even the smallest sighting so that we have a better idea of abnormal so that we can try to mitigated things at an earlier time.” said Adams.

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