VICTORIA, BC – About 70 trees will be removed around Shingle Beach Recreation Site on Texada Island.

According to a release from the provincial government, the trees pose a risk to campers at the site.

The release added that most of the trees to be removed are red alders and Douglas fir trees showing signs of decay and rootrot. The trees are leaning over the camping area, which poses a safety hazard. The area has been closed to overnight camping for the last few weeks due to the risk from the trees.

Shingle Beach Recreation Site will be closed to the public as work is underway. Visitors are being asked to follow directions from crews on site and to not enter the active work area.

There will be new trees planted to replace the trees that will be removed to ensure that the forest will recover in a timely manner.

The site has received several upgrades to get it ready for the summer camping season. According to the release, the province hopes to have it open again as soon as possible.