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Mother duck rescued from Vancouver Island highway

CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C – A mother duck and her babies were rescued from a Vancouver Island highway Thursday.

Gylaine Andersen, the manager of wildlife rehabilitation for The Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society’s Mission (MARS), says they received a call Thursday about a mother duck and her younglings having trouble crossing a roadway.

The location was just south of Campbell River on the Inland Island highway.

“I believe we had a call about this particular family and she was having trouble getting across the median, I guess she had been hit by a car and lost two of her ducklings in the process,” said Andersen.

She added they noticed a broken wing on the mom, but worked fast to keep her in good health.

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“We did find that she has a humorous fracture on her right wing, and it’s a complete fracture so we wrapped that.”

“Then we gave her food water, heat, she has pain medication and her ducklings are being housed with her right now.”

The mother duck has received X-Rays, and Andersen says they are now waiting to see if they can repair the wing with surgery.

“At this point we’re just looking to see if it is something that can be surgically repaired, because it is quite a severe fracture, it’s not something that is going to be easy to stabilize without surgery,” Andersen added.

There is no word on the timeline for the mother ducks full recovery but Andersen noted that “her babies are eating, gaining weight, and just hanging out with mom.”

To report orphaned, ill or injured wildlife, you can contact MARS at 250-337-2021.

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