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Premiums to increase for “bad drivers”: ICBC

VICTORIA, B.C -A new insurance model from ICBC aims to crack down on bad drivers.

ICBC say 75 per cent of customers could see a decrease to overall premiums, but those who receive tickets between June 10th and September 1st could see an increase.

Premiums for those who receive minor offences such as failing to stop, failing to yield, speeding and not wearing a seat belt will only increase after two tickets.

Those who receive more serious convictions such as Criminal Code offences, impaired driving, excessive speeding and distracted driving, will see increased premiums after their first conviction.

ICBC has yet to say just how much drivers premiums will increase.

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Also starting September 1st, ICBC is moving to a basic insurance model that will focus on the driver during crashes, and not the vehicle.

Customers are encouraged to visit to learn more.

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