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B.C. Green party has record breaking year for private donations; One-time use plastics could be on their way out in Canada

B.C. Green party receives over $700,000 in private sector donations

It was a big year for the B.C. Green Party in 2018. The group received almost three-quarters of a million dollars which was the most it has ever received privately. The fact it wasn’t an election year made the number very surprising to party members. The B.C. Greens got almost 17 per cent of the popular vote in 2017.

Liberals will have public consultation over single-use plastic ban

Single-use plastics could be banned over the next two years if the Liberals have their way. That could include plastic straws, cutlery and cotton swabs. There will be public consultation to determine which products should be banned. The decision is being made to address growing concerns about polluting oceans.

Facebook will try and go beyond Liberal rules for running political ads

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Facebook will allow political ads for the upcoming federal election, but they will have to be approved by the company. The social media site is starting its authorization process with multiple steps to ensure the group buying an ad is Canadian. There will also be a Canada only option for Indigenous groups to buy advertisements.

Gynecologist believes marijuana use could effect fertility 

Men and woman struggling to conceive could be adding to their infertility by smoking marijuana. An Ontario gynecologist is asking for more research into the effects of the drug on the reproductive system. She said there have been some studies that show smoking cannabis can change ovulation patterns and sperm maneuverability.

Women with recalled textured breast implants want them removed

Women with the textured breast implants recalled because of a risk of causing cancer want them removed. That is according to CTV, which reports Health Canada says removing them is unnecessary but previous breast cancer survivors with the implants think the risk of the disease returning is too high. Some women have said keeping them causes too much stress. It costs around $8,000 to get the implants removed.

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