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Trudeau to bring up detained Canadians often at G20; Federal environment minister wants Canada on same page for recycling standards

Trudeau wants support from multiple world leaders to free two Canadians in China

Justin Trudeau plans on bringing up the two men detained China at every opportunity China during the G20 summit. He doesn’t have a meeting set up with the Chinese President and it is doubtful one will happen. The Prime Minister talked about the situation with allies in attendance and hopes to get their support in getting the men released.

Canadian minister wants the carbon tax issue shelved to focus on plastic

Federal and provincial governments are working to get on the same page when it comes to recycling standards. According to CTV News, Canada’s environment minister plans to meet with her provincial counterparts. She hoped to put the carbon tax issues on the backburner for a bit so everyone can come to an agreement on plastics.

Selfies killed five times more people than sharks in 2017

Selfies have passed sharks for causes of death around the world, and it isn’t really close. According to India’s Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, over 250 people died taking selfies compared to just 50 from shark attacks in 2017. The selfie stick is considered a factor since people can use it to take riskier shots.

No difference in health benefits between sitting or standing at work

Those who sit the least at work have the same health risks as those who sit the most. CTV News reports, Researchers from Columbia University say that sitting in front of the TV, however, is much worse and is actually comparable to smoking. The study found that people who watch four or more hours of TV a day are 50 per cent more likely to develop cardiovascular disease.

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