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Dog breeder will not face charges: BC SPCA

VANCOUVER ISLAND, B.C. – The Vancouver Island breeder who surrendered nearly two dozen sick dogs will not face charges.

The person – who was known to BC SPCA Special Provincial Constables and has a history of surrendering animals to the SPCA – had 21 French bulldogs and pugs.

The BC SPCA’s chief prevention and enforcement officer Marcy Moriarty said dealing with this breeder is a unique situation.

“The goal, of course, is to ensure that this individual does not breed or sell animals again and does not acquire any more animals and so we have achieved that and at this stage, we don’t feel that charges would be approved or appropriate,” she said.

Moriarty wouldn’t specify the exact location of the breeder, other than it is on “Vancouver Island.”

Moriarty said the animals are dealing with a “myriad of medical issues.” 

Ranging in age from six weeks to six years old, they suffered from skin ailments.

Several of them need soft-palate surgery and nasal surgery, some have cherry eye, and one has digestive issues.

“Some of them will be needing longer-term care,” she said. “Others like the puppies might be ready to go (up for adoption) sooner rather than later but none that I know are quite ready for adoption, yet.”

The public has rallied around the dogs by donating money towards their vet bills. The BC SPCA says surgery costs alone are expected to be over $13,000.

“The public responds so wonderfully to these appeals,” Moriarty said. “Everybody can appreciate the challenges of looking after just one animal with severe medical conditions but that number really does put a strain on the shelters.”

The dogs are being cared for at foster homes and at shelters in the Comox Valley and Cowichan Valley.

Adoption requests have poured in and Moriarty said she doesn’t want to get any prospective owners’ hopes up.

“We will do the best we can in placing these animals as fast as we can once their health needs are met,” she said. “People are free to still enquire and email the branch but please be patient. You may not get a response right away.”

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