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No burning allowed: Powell River fire chief

POWELL RIVER, BC – Powell River has been seeing a rash of brush fires lately, even though burning is not allowed in the city. 

Fire chief Terry Peters says the brush fires have been happening where people have been camping. 

“What they’ve been doing is not necessarily even having a campfire, but they’re actually burning up debris that they’ve maybe brought to the campsite or trees and stumps and things like that in the area,” Peters said. 

He adds no burning is allowed in Powell River, which includes campfires. 

“Some people think it’s ok to start campfires in their backyard or out in the woods. That’s all fine and dandy if you’re in a controlled environment or if you’re outside of the city or in a campground where it’s permitted, that’s fine.”

“But when you’re within the city boundaries and there are bylaws in place, such as the Fire Prevention Bylaw, it’s just plain and simple: you can’t have fires in the City of Powell River.”

He says not only are people having fires when they’re not allowed, they’re also being careless about them. 

Peters adds fines for having fires can get costly. 

“If you keep doing it (having fires), it’s going to start escalating and we could fine you every single day. On top of provincial regulations, you can certainly be held accountable for all the costs to put out that fire.”

“If you want to burn in Powell River, you can do it as per the Residential Backyard Burning  Bylaw which you have to purchase a permit for. You can burn from the month of April and the month of November.”

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