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New e-bike policy coming to BC parks

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular. 

In response to this, BC Parks is implementing a new policy for e-bikes. 

The new policy will follow a classification system that industry and other government bodies already use. This means e-bikes will only be allowed in certain areas in provincial parks, depending on its classification. 

Those with Class 1 e-bikes can ride on any BC Parks trail where mountain bikes and other cycling is already allowed. 

Class 2 and 3 owners can only ride on trails or roadways designated for motorized vehicles. Those using adaptive bikes can ride on trails designated for Class 1 e-bike use. 

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The new policy is now in effect in provincial parks. 

Cycling in parks can have an impact on the trails, as well as wildlife. The province says e-bikes allow more riders on the trails. They also allow more people to reach areas previously available to a few, which could lead to more pressure on sensitive wildlife and ecosystems. 

For more information on e-bike classification, you can visit BC Parks’ site.

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