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Powell River resident warns of dog thief

Rick McLean believes that there’s a dog thief in our midst.

The Powell River resident says a woman tried to entice his 10-year-old Chihuahua, Harley, into her car last Thursday.

A neighbour saw her luring Harley with cookies. The neighbour told him that the woman had a lasso in her hand.

“She had a yellow, triple-braid poly rope, ready to scoop this dog in there,” McLean said.

McLean said his neighbour approached the woman and asked her what she was doing.

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“She said I was taking this dog. She (says), ‘You can’t take the dog, the dog lives right there, I know the dog.’ (The woman) said ‘I don’t care, I’m taking it. It shouldn’t be out here on the road.’”

The woman was asked who she was working for and she hopped into her car and took off, McLean said.

McLean’s neighbour told him that she saw another dog in the back of the car, looking “frantic” as it drove away.

“The dog was kind of cruising around, not looking too comfortable,” he said.
Harley found his way out of McLean’s backyard after strong winds blew down the back panel of his fence.

“He scooted out on his own,” he said.

McLean said the next day, a friend who lives nearby saw the same woman with the same car hiding in a group of trees.

“She’s still kind of in the area,” he said. “I think that she’s intentionally observing and waiting to grab dogs. I don’t know what purpose.”

McLean said his wife reported the incident to the RCMP.

He said the woman had long black hair and was driving a small hatchback.

Powell River RCMP Staff Sergeant Rod Wiebe said a report had come in about an attempted dog theft and police are looking into the matter.

Wiebe said the RCMP has “no information that someone is going around trying it multiple times.”

“There is this one incident and we can’t even establish that it is an attempted theft,” Wiebe said.

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