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qathet Regional District achieves climate action milestone

The qathet Regional District (qRD) has been recognized for its work on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Green Communities Committee (GCC) has awarded the district a Level 2 status on its work for keeping to Climate Action Charter commitments.

Chair of the district, Patrick Brabazon says the more the community does to limit climate change, the more people will understand why it’s important.

“Mitigating climate change effects in our community will help the Regional District’s resiliency and will bring awareness to the economic effects of climate change,” said Brabazon.

The regional district has done many things to help lower climate change impact in the region, including completing a corporate carbon inventory.

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Other projects that assisted the qRD to get the Level 2 recognition include:

Identifying climate change as a priority in the Strategic Plan.

Developing a corporate GHG Reduction Strategy.

Setting GHG reduction targets and Incorporating climate change mitigation and adaptations into qRD Official Community Plans.

Incorporating climate change into the Asset Management program and capital project planning.

The Climate Action Charter Recognition Program includes four stages for communities to follow.

Level 1: Demonstrating Progress on Charter Commitments
Level 2: Measuring GHG Emissions
Level 3: Accelerating Progress on Charter Commitments
Level 4: Achievement of Carbon Neutrality

To learn more about the Climate Action Charter Recognition Program, click here.

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