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qathet Regional District recognizing Waste Reduction Week

The qathet Regional District is encouraging residents to take part in Waste Reduction Week.

The annual campaign is focused on resource efficiency and waste reduction.

One of the members with ‘Lets Talk Trash’ in the qathet Regional District, Inglisa Burns says it’s hard to take steps to reduce waste in our lives, but the biggest impact comes from a change to our daily habits.

“Bringing grocery bags or a basket every time that were going out of the house because were always shopping and doing errands and inevitably there are plastic bags that unnecessarily come into our lives that we really don’t need.”

She added that “the next level would be to also pack some to-go glassware that you can bring for any kind of take out food.”

Many initiatives are planned throughout the district for Waste Reduction Week.

One those Burns says is ‘slow fashion’.

“Slow fashion means learning how to repair your own clothing instead of just tossing them and using thrift stores as your first for Halloween costumes. Even just your regular everyday outfit. By doing that we reduce our impact on the global fashion movement which affects countries all over the world,” Burns said.

To learn more about Waste Reduction Week and how you can get involved, visit the Lets Talk Trash’s website, here.

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