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BCSPCA tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween

Halloween is here and the BCSPCA has tips to make sure your pet stays safe.

The association says while many people love to go trick-or-treating or attend Halloween parties, it can be a stressful time for our pets.

Frightened animals are more likely to run away from home and when a pet is stressed they may show out-of-character behaviour, sometimes even biting or scratching.

The BCSPCA says planning ahead is a great way to give your furry friend a better chance of being happier and calmer during the festivities.

Some of its tips include:

  1. Keeping your pets inside; Give pets a quiet room where they can take a break from the parade of trick or treaters arriving at the door. Pets can have fun playing with Halloween-themed catnip or chew toys away from all the unfamiliar sights and smells.
  2. Make sure your pet has updated ID; Opening the door for trick-or-treaters all evening increases the chances that a pet may escape outside. Ensure your pet has at least two forms of identification in case they go missing.
  3. Keep the candy away from your pet; Pets can choke on hard candies and chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats. That’s why it’s important to store candy in a spot where your pet won’t be tempted to chow down.

The final and most important tip from the BCSPCA is one most of us don’t follow, avoid putting a costume on your pet.

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It says although it may be quite tempting to dress up your pet, wearing a costume inhibits the animal’s ability to move and communicate through natural body language such as tail wagging or positioning their ears. It says costumes can cause pets to overheat as well.

The association says a good alternative is to throw on a Halloween-themed collar or go for a walk on a leash with a spooky pattern.

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