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BC SPCA offers tips to keep pets safe in cold conditions

The BC SPCA is offering pointers on keeping your furry friends safe this winter.

When salting your sidewalk, you’re asked to choose a pet-friendly, non-corrosive de-icing compound.

Owners are also reminded to dry their pets’ paw pads after being outside, and to clean between their toes and pads.

If temperatures are extremely cold, owners are asked to get their dog a winter jacket or covering, or even dog shoes and/or booties to wear to help protect its paws. 

The SPCA strongly also urges you to keep your pet indoors during cold weather, but if you must keep domestic or farm animals outside, ensure they have access to shelter that is off the ground, provides protection from wind, cold and dampness, and is properly insulated.

Cats or wild animals may be using your vehicle for shelter from the cold.

To keep them safe, tap or lightly thump the hood of your car, allowing time for the animal to escape, and wait a few moments after to listen for any noises of escape before entering and starting your car.

Click here to learn more about think and thump.

You’re also urged to use pet-safe propylene-based antifreeze instead of ethylene glycol antifreeze, which is toxic to pets and wildlife. 

A mere tablespoon of ethylene glycol antifreeze can kill a cat or small dog. Learn more by clicking here.

And if you own farm animals, make sure they have adequate cover from the elements and that all water containers are kept ice-free.

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