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BC Wildfire Service launches official wildfire app

Do you need the latest information about the province’s wildfires?

There’s now an app for that.

The official BC Wildfire Service mobile app is now available.

 It will provide real-time wildfire information and an interactive map.

It allows for customization to display fire-related data that a user chooses and is designed to give the public, media and stakeholders access to consistent, accurate and timely wildfire information throughout the province.

Its landing page is an interactive wildfire map that offers the same features available through the B.C. Wildfire Dashboard.

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It features:

  • current fire danger ratings
  • active fires
  • fires that have been declared “out”
  • open burning prohibitions (including campfire bans)
  • evacuation alerts and evacuation orders
  • area restrictions
  • current wildfire statistics
  • perimeters of wildfires for the current season (April 1 through March 31 of the following year)
  • boundaries of B.C.’s six regional fire centres
  • BC Parks closures and recreation site closures
  • wildfire search tool (search by active fire name, fire number or location)
  • Drive BC events (e.g., advisories and closures)

The app also offers a “Near Me” function. 

When users select the “Near Me” option, the app will only display information within a 50-kilometre radius of their current location, allowing them to more easily focus on wildfire activity within that area.

Latest news and advisories

The BC Wildfire Service mobile app allows users to view the latest informational tweets directly from the BC Wildfire Service’s Twitter feed. 

A personal Twitter account is not required to view this feed. 

The latest advisories (related to open burning bans and prohibitions, area restrictions, evacuation alerts and evacuation orders) are also available on the app.


Wildfire statistics for the current wildfire season (April 1 through March 31 of the following year) are available through the app:

  • a rolling total of all active wildfires
  • a rolling total of all wildfires (active and extinguished)
  • the number of wildfires detected in the last two days
  • the number of wildfires detected in the last seven days

All of these statistics can be filtered by fire centre, suspected cause, stage of control, current year fires or active fires.

Fire reporting tool

The BC Wildfire Service relies on the public to report wildfires and irresponsible behaviour that could start a wildfire. The app features a “Report a Fire” function that will automatically generate map co-ordinates of your current location. Provincial Wildfire Reporting Centre staff will ask for these co-ordinates when the user reports a wildfire. This feature also indicates what sort of questions a person may be asked when reporting a wildfire.

Available for download now

The BC Wildfire Service mobile app is available for Apple (iOS) and Android devices and is free to download in the App Store and Google Play.

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