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North Island Medical Health Officer applauds Vancouver Island’s COVID-19 efforts

North Vancouver Island’s Medical Health Officer says we’re doing a good job trying to flatten the curve in the province, and on Vancouver Island.

Dr.Charmaine Enns spoke with the newsroom this morning and she says as a whole, British Columbia is doing all the right things to limit the spread of COVID-19.

“Everyone has embraced their responsibilities to limit the transmission of COVID-19 to protect those who are most vulnerable.”

“I just think that’s a remarkable testimony to the people of British Columbia and now much we have been able to do collectively to flatten the curve to a point where we can really enjoy the benefits of that as we go forward now into things getting a little more normal,” added Dr. Enns.

Dr. Enns also says Vancouver Island specifically did a great job following provincial orders.

“Vancouver Island did a fantastic job and there are lots of reasons for that too. Some of it we can take credit for and some of it we can’t. We have numbers and statistics from COVID-19 that are enviable from most other places around the world. We really do have a lot to be thankful for.”

“The deeply negative effects of COVID that so many other people have had to deal with, we haven’t. A lot of that is because of how well we have responded, and actions we took early to reduce its impact and especially actions to reduce transmission in our long term care facilities,” added Enns.

Phase 2 of the B.C’s Restart Plan kicked off on Monday and Dr. Enns says while things are slowly returning to normal, it’s important to remember that COVID-19 is still active in our communities.

“We do have to operate based on principles, so as individual people we need to adhere to the principles because COVID isn’t going away but it is probably going to become less and less severe.”

“Keeping that distance is actually a very important public health recommendation. Hand wash, I can’t emphasize that enough because the virus doesn’t just leap into your face. You’re probably most responsible for putting it into your own mouth or nose or eyes because you touched a contaminated surface.”

“Being able to stick to those principles will go a very long way for all of us in being able to get back to business as normal.”

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