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BC Premier vows crackdown on COVID rulebreakers

BC Premier John Horgan says the province is turning up the heat on COVID offenders.

Speaking to the media today, Horgan says the goal is to have vaccinations available to all British Columbians by the summer.

In the meantime, he says they’re doubling down on provincial health orders, which includes making rulebreakers, quite literally, pay the price.

“That means ensuring that the fines that we levy are collected,” Horgan said. “Certainly everyone has a right to appeal, everyone has a right to due process, but once that due process has been finalized, if you do not pay the fines, we will send collections after you.”

Fines and fees include $230 for refusing to wear a mask in a public indoor space, $2000 if you organize or host a party or event with more than 50 people, and $200 if you refuse to leave those parties or events.

Horgan says we can’t put a price on public safety, particularly as we deal with this second wave of a global pandemic.

He added that as we look towards 2021, we need to do so knowing that we are “there for each other.”

He says there is hope, provided we abide by simple rules, “which are to keep your distance from other people, keep your bubbles very, very tight over the holiday season, do not interact with people you normally don’t normally interact with, and of course, if you are in a public place, wear a mask.”

He said following these rules have put us in a good place and will not only save your family but other people’s families as well.

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