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Family Literacy Day promotes reading in the digital age

Online learning for Kids is a hot topic amid the pandemic.

That’s why the theme of learning together as a family takes centre stage tomorrow during Family Literacy Day,

Canada’s largest family literacy initiative for kids and adults was founded in 1999 by ABC Life Literacy Canada and has grown to include community groups across the nation.

ABC executive director, Mack Rogers, says every Jan. 27th for the past 22 years, they shine a spotlight on literacy.

“This can happen at homes, in community centres, in classrooms, anywhere we can, we reach out and we encourage people to use our activities and create their own activities and have fun with family literacy.”

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The majority of this year’s events are being done virtually. You can find out more about the day here.

Rogers says in this age of technology, as we move away from books and magazines, some people are also being left behind in digital literacy, “which is a whole different world to navigate.”

He says this is why social learning, particularly with our family, is hugely important.

“We’re social creatures for the most part, and we learn really well in a social environment, so if we can create that social environment with our families, particularly in a time when we’re struggling with the pandemic, not to have classrooms open in many provinces and areas, it’s really important to see if we can create some of that learning environment at home.”

Rogers said encouraging your kids to read at an early age sets them up for success later in life.

“Research shows that families that are involved in family literacy activities… (their kids) score 10 points higher in standardized reading tests, and that’s significant,” he explained. “And children with parents who may not practise or have strong literacy skills are exposed to 30 million fewer words when they enter kindergarten, and it creates a skills gap that actually carries them right through to how much money they make as adults.”

Travel the World in Campbell River

The lone program on Vancouver Island, and all of B.C., tomorrow is a Travel the World by Book experience involving Campbell River Literacy Association.

Downtown Campbell River businesses have selected a country and will decorate their windows in that theme. Parents and children will find each country and submit a record to the Literacy Association. Each store will have a draw for a book for the country they have chosen.

You can find more about this event here.

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