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Island agent among female realtors targeted with harassing calls, texts

A Vancouver Island agent is among more than two dozen female realtors being harassed with sexually explicit calls and texts.

While most of the victims are on the mainland, Vancouver Island Real Estate Board president, Ian Mackay says the board has learned of a case in Duncan.

“Sadly, over a span of time, it does occur occasionally,” Mackay said. “I read that we’ve had a particular agent in Duncan who’s reported seven or eight incidences, recently. But they weren’t reported to the board until this story sort of hit. So it’s been a little bit difficult for us to find a metric to see how significant the problem has been on the island.”

Mackay says there are measures in place to protect female realtors.

There’s even an app for if they feel they’re in danger during showings.

“You can set it up to let people know where you are going to be, you can maybe have two or three contacts that you can program into it for that particular time frame,” Mackay explained.

“And if you become uncomfortable or if you needed some assistance, just a tap on the app, and those people are notified. Either they reach to you at that point or they can call the RCMP or whoever they suspect you might.”

He added that with most brokerages, there is a “chivalry program” where if a female realtor is uncomfortable showing a property, male realtors are more than happy to come along.

“Even though they are competitors they will go and show that property or visit the property with the female realtor,” he added.

Meanwhile, Saanich police have announced they’re taking a fresh look at the 13-year-old murder case of realtor Lindsay Buziak.

The 24-year-old was stabbed and killed on February 2nd, 2008, while showing a vacant home in Saanich.

A new task force has been established, made up of new investigators who are getting help from the FBI, and continued support from the RCMP. 

Police say technology not available at the time are allowing them to look into new leads.

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